Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services Our business applications have started to be more and more intelligent. And we can use a lot of data that we never had a chance to use in our application. To do that we can easily use… Continue reading →

Gosia Borzecka : Modern Web Development with SharePoint Framework

Join us at Derby Quad & Cinema at 7:30 PM on the 30th of November 2017 to hear about Modern Web Development with SharePoint Framework from Gosia Borzecka. Modern Web Development with SharePoint Framework Talk Get your favourite OS, install… Continue reading →

Pete Vickers – An introduction to Xamarin Forms

An introduction to Xamarin Forms.Pete will give an introduction to Xamarin Forms and developing multi-platform apps using as much shared code as possible. The talk will include demos from a real world application.Pete Vickers is a consultant, forming GUI Innovations… Continue reading →

ASP.Net Core 2.0 Preview with Mark Rendle

Come and see what’s new and different in the next major version of ASP.NET Core. If you’re not familiar with Core already, don’t worry, there will be a quick re-view of the changes from ASP.Net MVC and WebAPI. Then we’ll… Continue reading →

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence – Gavin Payne

Artificial Intelligence Meetup Artificial intelligence is always in the news and on technology roadmaps. Yet the idea of it is older than modern computing. So why the increased interest in it? Why has it suddenly become the next big thing?  How… Continue reading →

Serverless Architecture with Azure Functions

I’ve been running the Derbyshire Dot Net user group for a number of years now and thought it was high time that I gave a talk myself. So on the 27th April I gave a talk on Serverless Architecture with… Continue reading →

February Meetup – Ian Robinson talk on Umbraco

Umbraco is one of the most popular open source ASP.Net CMS products on the market. Used by the likes of Microsoft, Peugeot, Costa, and Heinz, it has been around for over 10 years and has a vibrant and active community… Continue reading →

How to Speed up .Net and SQL Server Web Apps – An Overview

We‘ve been running Derbyshire Dot Net for a number of years now and I thought it was about time that we started giving an overview of the evening’s talks, and this is something I’ll be looking to do every month… Continue reading →

Next Meetup – Bart Read – Speed up .NET and SQL Server Web Apps

October 27th 2016 – 6.30PM Reserve your Place at Meetup Bart talks about the techniques used to identify, troubleshoot, and fix performance problems in web apps across the whole stack, and illustrate these with a number of real world examples. Bart works from… Continue reading →

Mike Taulty- Essential Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform

September 29th 2016 – 6.30PM Reserve your Place at Meetup Windows 10 is here, aiming scoop up all those users from Windows 7, Windows 8 and maybe even Windows XP and get them and keep them on Microsoft’s latest and greatest…. Continue reading →

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