Our next talk will be on February 25th at 6.30PM at the Institute for Innovation In Sustainable Engineering by Me, Stephen Haunts.

The talk description is below, but I want this to be a fairly interactive session. I will present a load of ideas and techniques, but the real value will be in hearing about how people in the audience tackle these problems in their organisations.

Also note we will be having an extra prize give away with a couple of licenses of the amazing tools NDepend.

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Visual Studio offers many great tools to help you with improving the quality of your code. These range from unit test tools, code metrics tools and static code analysis. In this talk we will explore some of these tools and also take a look at tools like NDepend which offers a very rich palette of tools to help assess the quality of your code, or investigate dependencies of legacy brownfield code.

This will be part talk and part group discussion. We are also going to be raffling 2 FREE licenses of NDepend at this talk, so 2 lucky winners will walk away with a license worth $337.

Stephen Haunts is a Development Manager for Boots, a Pluralsight Author, Book Author and Co-Organizer of the Derbyshire .NET Usergroup