SQLSmash - http://www.sqlsmash.com/

I am pleased to announce we have 2 new sponsors at Derbyshire DotNet.

The first is SqlSmash have kindly provided a FREE license per session for us to raffle away at a value of $60. SqlSmash is a productivity tool that makes working with SQL scripts in SQL Server Management Studio much easier.

Would you like to write maintainable SQL scripts and understand code faster? SqlSmash is a plugin for SQL Server Management Studio (2012 and 2014) that enables those things and faster navigation. You can use it with SQL Server (from 2005 to 2014) as well as Azure SQL.

SqlSmash is perfect for novice developers and experts alike, with support for configurable keyboard shortcuts, toolbars and contextual menus.


Our 2nd sponsor is NDepend who have kindly offered 2x licenses of NDepend at our talk on code quality and static code analysis in February.

NDepend offers a wide range of features to let the user analyze a code base.
It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for .NET developers.

NDepend offers the following main features:

  • 82 Code Quality Metrics
  • Detect Dependency Cycles
  • Code Query Language
  • Trend Monitoring
  • Explore Existing Architecture
  • Complexity Diagrams
  • and many many more features

We will either raffle the licenses at the meetup by drawing a name out of a hat, or we will do questions and answers after the talk. We will let you know at the beginning of the meetup.