tobiaszThe next meetup of Derbyshire DotNet is tonight at 18:30 at the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering and the talk will be separated into two parts, but will focus on SQL Azure, SQL Server and Cloud Services.

In the first session Tobiasz will introduce everyone to the technology formerly known as SQL Azure (now Windows Azure SQL Database). Then under a Tips and Trick session he will show which points, features, compatibility and non-compatibility for SQL Azure which are important for DBA’s.

He will also cover the functionalities, performance, cost, and SLA and security aspects. Then after a short break he will demonstrate how we can work with our data in the Cloud using SQL Azure, Blob Storage, and the functionalities of backup, restore, encryption and availability. We will learn how we can implement a hybrid environment and when and why it is (or not) good practice. And, finally we will find a few minutes for discussion about future of the DBA.

Tobiasz is an Independent Consultant and CEO of Shadowland Consulting. Community leader focused on SQL Server, SharePoint, security, Cloud & collaboration solutions, and ITIL, DR, BCM and SLA. Love licensing agreements. Working with audit projects, consulting and implementation in Poland, Scandinavia, Europe and China. Former Vice-Chair in GITCA EMEA Board. Member of the Boards at Polish Information Processing Society & ISSA Polska. Member several associations: Microsoft Terminology Community, Friends of RedGate PLUS, PASS, ISSA, ACM and several communities in the world.

MCT and MVP from July 2010. Subject Matter Expert at CQURE and Microsoft Connect. Former president of the Polish SQL Server User Group. Creator and CEO (2009-2011) of SQLDay Conference. Active blogger (owner of five) and international speaker with many different conference experience. Co-author of SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Volume Two. Actually settled not far away from Sherwood Forest. Cross-mountain cyclist, amateur in swimming and running. Traveller. Fan of snooker and good music.